Vehicle Fluid Flushes

It is necessary to ensure that your car has the fluids it needs. Fluids are very inexpensive but missing out on replacing them can be very expensive. Not changing transmission fluid, which is really cheap, can lead to your whole engine seizing, which is very expensive to repair. There are many other such examples. That is why we offer fluid flushing services to make sure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly.

Brake Fluid Flush

Normally you don’t need to flush brake fluid – just make sure your car has enough. However in some cases, especially when water or moisture damage is involved, the fluid can go bad. This will end up hurting your brakes which is, as it is obvious, very dangerous. Brake fluid flushes are rarely required.

Engine Oil Flush


Engine oil is the fluid that you should be the most concerned about. If your car’s engine oil goes dirty it can end up damaging your car severely. It may end up with something breaking in the car, it may end up with a broken gasket, it can end up with your whole engine seizing, and even worse things. You are looking at thousands of dollars in bills just because an inexpensive fluid went bad in your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid

Most vehicle manuals will state that transmission fluid flushes should be done every 30,000 miles or so to keep your car running smoothly. You should believe the manual, to the point where you shouldn’t get transmission fluid flushed before hitting 30,000 miles. Getting it replaced too often can end up harming your transmission.

We perform all of these flushes and a few more too. We first inspect the fluid already in your car. If the fluid is fine then you simply need to add more fluid after some time. If the fluid is discolored or has any dirt in it then a flush may be the only solution. These inexpensive flushed can turn into expensive repair jobs if ignored, so make sure you get them done when your car’s manual says you should get them done.

Fuel Flush


Most modern cars will not need a fuel flush, however if you have an old or vintage car you will definitely need one. If your car has a problem with missing while you drive it, or if you can hear a strange sound from your carburetor then you may need a fuel flush. Most vehicle manuals say that you should get a fuel flush every 10,000 miles driven or so. While you can easily stretch this to 30,000 miles without any major problems, it may end up hurting your car’s performance a bit.

Radiator Flushes


If your vehicle was manufactured in the past 5 years you probably don’t need a radiator flush if it is running properly. If you have issues in your radiator though, you should get it flushed. If your car is older then you should definitely get your radiator flushed every few months. Don’t worry – this isn’t too demanding or expensive of a task.

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