Vehicle Computer Diagnostics

Most vehicles these days are fitted with onboard computers. The most basic cars have these systems for traction control and other such options. The onboard computers on normal vehicles will give you indications of some of the things that are wrong with the car. This includes the check engine light, a light for ABS, the airbags, and so on. Onboard computers are completely different beasts when it comes to supercars or any luxury car. These vehicles have onboard computers that can tell you almost anything about the vehicle. Here are some of the things which they can diagnose:

  • Check engine light
  • ABS light
  • SRS lights
  • computer control
  • no starts
  • charging system
  • electrical systems
  • air conditioning
  • climate control
  • power windows
  • drivability
  • emissions
  • brake system
  • tire wear

These are just some of the thing which the onboard computer is tracking. However in most of these vehicles you may not be able to access these settings. There are many reasons for this. One is that if you configure something wrong you may end up seriously damaging the vehicle. Thus many of these supercar manufacturers make these systems only accessible to the experts. Another reason is that many vehicles need a special device to be able to interact with these things on the onboard computer.

If you want vehicle computer diagnostics then all you need to do is bring your vehicle to us. We are known for our skills in servicing and repairing some of the fastest cars on the planet. We won’t need to do guesswork – we will know exactly what diagnostics to perform and what they mean. We will provide you a full report of what the diagnostics say.

Making sense of the diagnostics

Another reason you should bring your vehicle to us is that we are able to interpret the results of the diagnostics properly. This is similar to the check engine light that turns on in your vehicle. It just says check engine – it doesn’t tell you what is wrong with the engine. A similar thing happens with these other vehicle computer diagnostics. Sometimes they just tell you which systems are not working properly without giving you any reason for them not working properly. Sometimes they just give out readings and it is up to you to figure out what the readings mean.

We have decades of experience with vehicle computer diagnostics and our team knows exactly how to make sense of the data generated by vehicle computer diagnostics. When you come to us first we will run the diagnostics. Then our team will look at the diagnostic report and let you know the issues and what repairs are required.

Remember, the onboard computer has all these sensors for a reason. It is the only way to ensure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly. Thus you should bring your car in to a mechanic as soon as your car tells you something isn’t working properly. If you catch the problem early the repair will be quick and cheap.

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