Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt replacement is one of those repairs which will cost you little, if you get them done in time, but will cost you a lot if you wait too long. The timing belt is responsible for making sure that the engine parts run in sync with each other. That’s why it is called a ‘timing belt’ – it times the movements so they move smoothly. A timing belt is not an expensive part either – it is one of the cheapest car parts around and can be easily bought from most hardware stores. If you want to know the true value of a timing belt you should ask someone who has had a broken belt.

As long as your timing belt is fine your vehicle will keep running properly. None of the parts in your engine will hit each other and break each other. However, if your timing belt breaks your whole engine is out of sync. There is a slight chance that you will not need to get extensive repairs. If your timing belt breaks and you do not attempt to start the car you can simply have the belt replaced. Since you didn’t try to start the car, your engine didn’t get hurt either and everything is fine.

Why Timing Belt Replacements Are so Important

The problem is that this rarely happens. See, when your timing belt breaks, your car’s engine will shut off automatically. Most people will think that something is wrong and will attempt to start the car again. That’s what we always do when the car shuts down – we try to start it again hoping that it will start. This is where things start to go wrong. Your engine gets power but the timing belt is broken. This means that the valves in your engine start moving without any coordination. The most likely damage to this is that your engine’s valves will get bent or broken.

This is a serious problem. The better your car, the graver this problem is. In supercars these valves are moving at unbelievably high speeds, and without a timing belt they can get damaged badly. The fix for this isn’t cheap either. You need to get the valves replaced and you have to get them installed again. This process can take a few days or more depending on your vehicle. It may also end up damaging your engine too much and even after the repair your vehicle may not perform as well as it used to do before.

Want to avoid this? All you have to do is get your timing belt replaced after the designated timer or distance according to your vehicle’s manual. Previously you needed to get your timing belt replaced every 50,000 miles or so, but never engines can go for much longer than this. To make sure that your car runs fine read its manual to find out when a timing belt replacement is recommended. We are experts at timing belt replacement and will be able to do it without any problems.

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