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Free Performance

Performance Check

Includes checking to ensure your fluid levels are accurate, tire pressure, and a FREE code scan.

Transmission Repair

At Mr. Transmission, we understand that today’s transmission is the most complicated system in your car, made up of hundreds of complex components that enable your vehicle to move.

Drivetrain & Clutch Repairs

Mr. Transmission cares about providing quality service work, which is why we offer a warranty.

In the auto repair industry, where you choose to get your car fixed can make a big difference in the service, quality, and price you receive; and choosing the wrong company can lead to a costly drawn-out project that only fixes the problem in the short term.

At Mr. Transmission, we offer comprehensive services that are designed to keep your vehicle running like new. Reliable and affordable auto repair service has set us apart as a trusted name in the community, and we pride ourselves on the high standard of quality and honest assessment we provide in every job we take.

From rebuilds to transmission overhauls, no job is too big or small, and our highly experienced and skilled mechanics are qualified to work on any car models and makes. So whatever your auto repair and service needs are, trust Mr. Transmission for prompt, honest and affordable service. Call today for a free estimate, and we’ll walk you through every step of the process.

Transmission Repair

Your transmission system includes transmission fluid, electrical components, universal joints, and a torque converter. For proper transmission repair to take place, these components must be dismantled, cleaned, and inspected for wear.

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Transmission Maintenance

At Mr. Transmission we offer different levels of service – from fluid and filter exchange to fluid and filter flush – we offer the best service needed to keep your transmission in road ready condition.

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Truck Transmission

"If it fits in the building we will fix it" When you visit Mr. Transmission, having a truck transmission in need of repair does not mean you have to take your vehicle “somewhere special.”

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Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Do you have a manual transmission in your car? Then you need to make sure your clutch is maintained.

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Diagnostic services
Something as simple as a Computer Diagnostics analysis enables our professionals to identify most internal vehicle issues.
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Drivetrain Repair

At Mr. Transmission, we repair all drivetrain components: CV Joints, Axle Shafts, Drive Shaft, Transfer Case Differential.

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