IMS Bearing Replacement in Porsche

Do you have a Boxster or a 911 Carrera? If you do, you probably already know about the IMS bearings and how they often need replacements. If you have been looking for these bearings and were unable to find them we have some good news for you – we do IMS bearing replacements! If you are wondering why these bearings give so much trouble to Porsche owners then continue reading.

The biggest reason people are so surprised is that these are Porsche vehicles. Porsche is known for possibly being the most reliable automaker in the world. They are usually at the top of the charts whenever vehicle reliability is ranked. Mechanics and auto engineers love Porsches because they are the cars we see the least. Porsche has an excellent commitment to delivering the highest quality and perfectly engineered vehicles. That is why people were so surprised when the Boxster and 911 Carrera started having problems related to IMS bearings.

The worst part is that IMS bearings going bad can ruin your whole engine. It results in small debris entering your engine, and we all know how bad it is. The debris gets carried around the engine causing irreparable damage. You will just have to replace the engine and you know that is neither an easy nor an inexpensive thing to do in a Porsche.

Why the bearings cause trouble

So how can Porsche mess up so bad if they are such good engineers?

The answer is simple – they didn’t really mess up, they just failed to account for some long term factors. IMS bearings are a great idea and they work perfectly as long as they are kept dry. Porsche was confident in using the bearings where they did because it is an area of the vehicle that always remains dry. There are no fluids nearby thus there is no reason to worry about a fluid ruining the IMS bearing.

The problem is that if something else in the car goes wrong it is possible for fluid to make its way to where the bearings are and that is when the wear and tear starts. As soon as the seal starts going away the debris starts entering the engine and the troubles start.

If you own a Porsche with IMS bearings and they are giving you trouble, just come to us and we will replace them. If you want to make sure your Porsche keeps running great just come to us for an inspection. Talk to our people and tell them you are worried about the IMS Bearings. We will do an in-depth inspection of your oil filter. If there is any debris or any foreign particle in there it is a sign that IMS bearings need replacement. Getting the problem fixed at this stage is very easy. If you keep driving the vehicle in this condition the engine will start getting damaged.

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