Mr Transmission Advantage


With so many choices dependent on cost, quality and service, vehicle owners can be picky when it comes to who they turn to for fixing their car or truck. Mr. Transmission franchise owners have been providing an incredible level of customer satisfaction through making their services consistent and thorough. That keeps customers coming back, making Mr. Transmission a reliable source for repairs and maintenance of all kinds in the local community. By offering complete total auto repairs when co-branded with Milex Complete Auto Care, people have a one-stop source for all their car or truck needs.

How You Stand Out

Established professional brand with over 60+ years’ experience
Low inventory requirement
Recession resistant
One stop shop with cobranding Milex Complete Auto Care
Repairing all makes, models and types
$2,000+ average ticket price for major transmission repair

A Proven Business system

When you join the Mr. Transmission Franchise system, you automatically inherit a business system with over 60+ years of experience. We offer knowledge and experience on business plans, daily management techniques, best repair practices and committed support – giving you everything you need to become a successful Mr. Transmission owner!
Business System

Automotive Market growth

With the average age of a vehicle increasing and DIY (do it yourself) market decreasing the auto care industry consistently shows annual growth. Consumers are keeping and maintaining their cars longer while commuting more miles annually. Giving you an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of rapidly increasing market.
Mr. Transmission has been consistently ranked in Franchise Times Top 200+ and Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care/ Cobrand has been consistently ranked in the top 500 franchises & top franchises for Veterans
FranchiseTimes Top200+Franchise 500 Ranked 2020Franchise 500 Veterans 2018Fran-tastic 500 2020
Owner Transmission

Already in the Automotive repair Business? Take it to the next level.

We are looking for automotive repair business owners who want to maximize their profitability. Owning a business requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to working hard each and every day.
As an auto repair business owner, you possess key qualities and attributes that we look for in a Mr. Transmission franchisee.

At Mr. Transmission, we take pride in the fact that a portion of our franchisees are former independent auto repair business owners. We know it takes superior technical skills, proficient customer service experience, and perseverance and determination to build a successful automotive repair business and sustain it.

We understand how much time you put into every part of your business, from service calls to marketing to equipment maintenance to payroll. It’s a lot.

We have a way to take the skill and talent you already have, and combine it with a system that builds you up and helps grow your business!

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